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Creating a sustainable future in BC Mining

January 17, 2012

The government, federal and provincial, plays a key role in the development of the BC mining industry. Many of the challenges facing mining development are regulatory. The federal and provincial government implements complex and duplicative regulatory regimes, which cause prolonged system entry. Despite marginal improvement in recent years, to make BC a more attractive destination for mining would be to remove some of the red tape. It’s not about watering down standards or environmental review, but improving how governments run the system. On the First Nation front we are now seeing resource revenue sharing in some key areas, not just in Central BC but in Northern BC. Mining is a cyclical market. The time will come when prices will drop and the HST tax reform will be extremely important in making sure that mines continue to operate in a downturn. Going forward, the HST provides a fiscal platform that stimulates new investment in the mining industry in BC.

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