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A green Brazil, now and for the future

January 17, 2012

Sustainability in Brazil has appointed by international organizations such as WWF and Conservation International. They are encouraging planting of trees in some areas and preserving native vegetation in others, to help maintain a long-term focus on plantation fertility. It is also important to make plantations sustainable by monitoring the soil quality and water consumption, and Brazilian organization Fibria Celulose has done exactly that for over 50-60 years of managing plantation forests. Biotech has also made its mark on fibre, food and fuel consumption in Brazil. In 1996 over 100 million hectares of crops were harvested from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and since then the total plantations of GMOs have gone up to over one billion hectares. It is now important for society, certification agencies and regulatory to start a dialogue on policies around GMOs for the supply of future needs.

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