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Power Player

As the world moves toward renewable energy, Hydrogenics President and CEO Daryl Wilson sees big opportunities for hydrogen power and energy storage.


Leaving a good impression

New Gold Inc. CEO Robert Gallagher talks about leaving a positive impression on a community


Common ground

Imperial Metals Corp. chairman Pierre Lebel builds relationships with First Nations communities.


The magic of mergers

Suncor Vice-President and Controller Jolienne Guillemaud talks about the personal and professional impact of her experiences with massive mergers.


Big bets on the bottom-line

Jamie Sokalsky, CEO of Barrick Gold, discusses shifts in investor thinking and how the gold industry is responding.


Mining where others fear to tread

Ronald Thiessen’s simple recipe for junior-mining growth: When a bigger rival loses interest in a property, it might be time to strike.


Private Property

Dan Themig, president of Packers Plus Energy Services Inc., continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the energy industry.


A perfect storm

Nolan Watson, CEO of Sandstorm Gold, shares his insights on what success entails in the streaming industry.


Staying local, growing global

Founder and CEO Bob Lipic shares how Mining Technologies International Inc. uses its Sudbury, Ontario base to innovate and grow global exports.


Open to the Public

Stew Hanlon, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gibson Energy Inc., gains shareholder confidence with a steady hand in the volatile energy market.

Other articles of interest

All things being equal

Jennifer Reynolds of Women in Capital Markets offers practical solutions for bringing gender parity to the boardroom and the executive suite.

Fuelling Tomorrow

Economic geologist Scott Tinker calls for an orderly and gradual shift to renewable energy, with cities playing a central role.

Sealing the deal

Bruce Archibald and Carolina Giliberti are transforming the Canadian Food Inspection Agency into an outcomes-based organization for a rapidly changing world


The upside of down

Companies can use today’s sluggish economy to their advantage by adopting a deliberate cost-focused mindset that will help them thrive in good times and bad

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