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Anatomy of a deal

By Brenda Bouw | October 5, 2015

Recently we haven’t seen as many blockbuster deals in Canada making headlines as in years past. But plenty of deals are still getting done. In some sectors, such as resources, buyers are capitalizing on lower valuations due to a drop in prices of most commodities. In forestry, where commodity prices have rebounded and seem to be stabilizing, companies are coming together to cope with increasing competition for fibre and markets, increasing capital costs, and more rigorous sustainability measures.

While deals in the forest and paper sector are a growing necessity, they’re not easy. As three executives we spoke to at PwC’s 28th Annual Global Forestry & Paper Industry conference attest, there’s nothing simple about achieving real and lasting value through a M&A. Their advice:

1. Know your strategy and stick to it.
2. They’re complicated enough, so keep it simple.
3. The value is there, but you’ll have to work to achieve it.

The conversations following take us through the three main stages of the deal continuum: Thinking of the deal, doing the deal, and delivering value. Altogether, they are the anatomy of a deal.

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