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Big picture thinking leads to better decisions

June 17, 2015

Your organization may understand very well the financial return you get from the work you do. But do you truly understand the impacts of your product that really matter, across the entire value chain of your decisions? The Total Impact Measurement and Management (TIMM) program attempts to show you more than just the health of your bottom line. It becomes a risk model for seeing which impacts matter to society more broadly. 

"Things that have significant societal cost look bigger," says Malcolm Preston, PwC's Global Leader, Sustainability & Climate Change. "Just saying that I use 100 litres of water to produce a widget is a relatively meaningless number. Understanding the societal value of that water actually starts to put quantative numbers on things that should have been qualitative."

From there, Preston says, you can start to put together a risk matrix as well as gain better understanding on what are the most impactful areas of your business. 

Hear more from Preston in the video above. 


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